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An Aussie LPG Road Trip: How Much Does LPG Really Save?

March 20, 2014

Just how fuel efficient is Liquid LPG?

We followed Orbital CEO Terry Stinson on a trip from Sydney to Perth and find out how much their LPG Converted Ford Territory saved in fuel costs.

We've released a short YouTube series to show just how fuel efficient a liquid LPG conversion truly is. The series follows Orbital CEO Terry and his son Grant on a road trip from Sydney to Perth in a newly converted Ford Territory.

An Aussie LPG Road Trip: The Full Series

Orbital Liquid LPG Road Trip Experiment

No Time to Watch?
Get the Fast Facts on How Effective Liquid LPG was.

Sydney to Perth: On Liquid LPG

Distance travelled (kms)


Total fuel spend (LPG & ULP)


Sydney to Perth: On Unleaded Petrol (Estimate)

Average ULP Price ($/L)


ULP Economy (L/100kms)


Potential ULP Cost


Liquid LPG Results:







Fuel Emmissions:


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