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Australian Standards & Emissions Testing

May 15, 2014

When you purchase an Orbital Liquid LPG conversion kit you can be assured that it is not only safe but environmentally friendly.

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Before we are able to release a new Liquid LPG conversion kit to the market, our engineers must ensure that the kit meets Australian Standard AS/NZS 1425.

The Standard is set out by the Organisation - Standards Australia.

According to the Standards Australia Website:

“Standards Australia is the nation's peak non-government Standards organisation. It is charged by the Commonwealth Government to meet Australia's need for contemporary, internationally aligned Standards and related services.”

According to Dr Bronwyn Evans, Chief Executive Officer of Standards Australia:

“The Standard ensures designers, manufacturers, installers and regulatory authorities are equipped with up to date technical information so as to provide functional and safe installations for LP gas fuel systems.”

In 2013, the Joint Standards Australia / Standards New Zealand Committee ME-046 commissioned a rigorous testing program and prepared the current version of the Standard.

This committee consisted of representatives from the following organisations:

  • Australian Automobile Association
  • Australian Industrial Truck Association
  • Automotive Alternative Fuels Registration Board
  • Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure, SA
  • Department of Natural Resources and Mines, QLD
  • Department of the Premier and Cabinet, SA
  • EnergySafety WA
  • Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
  • Gas Association of New Zealand
  • Gas Energy Australia
  • International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles
  • Motor Traders’ Association of New South Wales
  • New Zealand Transport Agency
  • NSW Fair Trading
  • Roads and Maritime Services NSW
  • Victoria Police
  • Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce

Appendix D of the Standard sets out “procedures for demonstrating compliance with exhaust emission provisions”.

The Standard states that:

“The kit shall be fitted to at least one representative vehicle and tested in accordance with either the ADR 79/00 Type I test or the IM240 exhaust emissions test.”

This part of the Standard aims to ensure the LPG fuel system does not cause the vehicle to exceed the emissions requirements relating to that vehicle when it was manufactured.

On an environmental level this is extremely important because exhaust emissions such as CO2 contribute heavily to global warming.

Every kit listed in our available kits section meets the Standard and has passed at least one of the designated tests.

Before having an LPG conversion kit fitted to your vehicle, it is worth investigating whether or not the kit meets all aspects of the Standard, including emissions criteria.

Orbital Corporation’s test facility in Perth offers ADR 79/00 Type I testing in addition to a wide range of other engineering services.

Our first Liquid LPG conversion kits were developed and tested in Perth using this method.

The image below shows a vehicle being tested in the Orbital Corporation Test Facility.

Orbital Corporation Test Lab

In 2012 our engineers in Sydney took over the development of our Liquid LPG conversion kits.

For this reason we have made use of the RMS Test Lab in Botany which offers government funded IM240 exhaust emissions tests.

The image below shows our own Camry Hybrid being emissions tested at the RMS Test Lab.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Emissions Test

During an IM240 test the vehicle is driven on a dynamometer or "dyno" while exhaust emissions are collected and analysed.

The vehicle must complete three drive cycles on LPG and then one drive cycle on petrol.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid's test scores for LPG reported a CO2 saving of up to 21% when compared to the petrol score.

That is the equivalent of eliminating two and half month's of emissions, every year you run your vehicle on Liquid LPG instead of petrol.

Who knew saving the environment could be as easy as driving a Liquid LPG car?

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