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LPG vs Premium 98 Petrol

March 11, 2015

With so many fuels on the market these days, you could be forgiven for being a bit confused. There's E85, E10, Premium 98, Premium 95, Standard 91 and that's just the types of petrol.

So what does it all mean?

Well, E85 and E10 contain ethanol. The number represents the percentage of ethanol in that fuel. While 98, 95 and 91 represents the octane rating of that particular blend of petrol. The higher the octane rating, the more compression the fuel can withstand before spontaneously igniting (commonly known as engine knock).


*Image sourced from UC Davis Chemwiki.

High performance vehicles create extra power by generating higher pressures within the vehicles engine. High octane fuel is often chosen for these vehicles because it can handle the increased compression without prematurely combusting.


What many people don't know is that LPG has a higher octane rating than premium petrol - rated between 100 and 112 depending on the mixture of propane and butane.

LPG is also less than half the price of premium petrol making it an affordable performance fuel!

An Orbital Liquid LPG conversion delivers premium petrol performance and a saving of approximately 40% on your fuel bill. The table below shows the potential for savings when converting a vehicle to run on Liquid LPG instead of Premium 98 petrol.

Fuel $ / L L / 100 km $ / 100 km $ / 10,000 km
$ 1.40 13.50 $ 18.90 $ 1,890
$ 0.60 16.88 $ 10.13 $ 1,013
Savings     $ 8.77

$ 877

*Please note, the table above is an example only.  Assumes 25% more LPG than petrol, which is typical for the Orbital Liquid LPG system.  Prices are Sydney averages, March 2015. Pricing and individual results may vary.

Orbital's Liquid LPG system delivers premium petrol equivalent performance by injecting LPG into the vehicles engine as a liquid. For more information on how Orbital's Liquid LPG system works, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

The dyno graph below shows the power output of a VF 325kW HSV Clubsport converted to Liquid LPG in our Sydney workshop. The vehicle maintains all its power running on LPG and delivers $ back to the family budget.

HSV Tourer Gen F Dyno Plot

If you are a regular user of premium 98 fuel and are tired of paying premium price then do yourself a favour - contact Orbital Autogas now so we can show you how to save money on your fuel bill.

Call Orbital Autogas on 1800 252 409 or visit our Liquid Kit page to see if we have a ready available kit for your vehicle.

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