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Orbital Drive Day

July 18, 2014

This week six of our staff members had an exciting day, test driving a variety of vehicles through the streets of Sydney. The aim - to see which vehicle would be the cheapest to run for the day, in city driving conditions.

The vehicle engines ranged from four to eight cylinders and were powered by four different fuels:

  • LPG
  • Diesel
  • Petrol
  • Hybrid

We were most interested to see how our LPG vehicles went against a small petrol vehicle and a large diesel vehicle.

The day started out at the 7-Eleven on Reservoir Road, Arndell Park, where each vehicle was filled to capacity. After 144 kilometres, seven pit stops, countless driver changes and eight hours on the road we were back at 7-Eleven to fill up and get the results.

** Please note: these results were obtained under real world conditions and are not scientifically controlled. Individual results may vary. **

The Orbital Drive Day | Results

Our Camry Hybrid with Liquid LPG was a stand out. When compared to the fuel bill for the petrol version of the same vehicle, LPG saved us almost 40%. This result adds weight to the argument that LPG is still a viable fuel for the taxi market and in fact complements the new hybrid technology.

The Falcon on Liquid LPG blitzed the Petrol Lancer while the V8 Commodore with Liquid LPG was edged out only slightly by the much smaller four cylinder. This result is sure to be exciting to families who want the comfort and safety of a large car with the fuel costs of a smaller one.

The most expensive on the day was the Ford Territory Diesel. When compared with their petrol equivalent, all diesel vehicles come at a premium cost. In the case of the Ford Territory, the diesel option is approximately $3500 more. We're suggesting that buying a petrol vehicle and converting it to Liquid LPG is a much more cost effective approach.

With LPG, you will start saving money from the very first fill and have the additional comfort of knowing that you are helping the environment. For more information on the dangers of diesel emissions visit the World Health Organisation Website.

The Orbital Drive Day | Image Gallery

All in all the day was heaps of fun and the sights of beautiful Sydney were picturesque. Our drivers had the chance to experience a few vehicles they had never driven before and the results were conclusive - Liquid LPG really does save you money!

The Orbital Drive Day | Route Map

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