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Dyno Testing Complete on our Toyota Camry LPG Hybrid

April 11, 2014

Last week our workshop technicians successfully completed the installation of a Liquid LPG conversion kit on our 2013 Model Toyota Camry Hybrid.

This week our engineers were tasked with developing a calibration file for the super-smart, tri-fuel vehicle.

This calibration file will be pre-programmed into each and every Toyota Camry Hybrid kit that leaves our warehouse.

This saves the installer a lot of time and effort as there is no need to tune the LPG system once it has been installed.

To develop the LPG calibration file our engineers start by mapping the electrical and mechanical performance of the vehicles petrol injectors.

This method allows us to utilise the original manufacturers fuelling strategy.

Dyno testing is then used to fine tune the LPG calibration and safely test the vehicles performance under varying load and speed conditions.

The video below shows the vehicle on the dyno at Ultratune Blacktown.

We wish to thank the Ultratune staff for their support on a number of recent developments.

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In a few days time, the Toyota Camry Hybrid will go through its last round of testing at the RMS Test Lab in Botany, Sydney.

We are expecting some excellent results from the emissions test, so check back soon for the final figures!

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