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Hexagon Ragasco Composite LPG Cylinders have an unmatched safety record that is backed by over 9 million purchases worldwide.

Since 2000, these cylinders have been performing in diverse weather conditions ranging from minus 40 degrees Celsius in Arctic regions, to 65 degrees Celsius in desert regions.

Hexagon Ragasco's Composite LPG cylinders withstand a burst pressure that is twice as high as their steel counterparts and, because they will not BLEVE, the risk of explosion in case of fire is eliminated.

Please visit the Hexagon Ragasco website to view the approvals and certifications relating to the Composite LPG Cylinder.


Composite LPG cylinders are typically half the weight of their steel equivalents - making them perfect for camping and caravanning, where towing capacity is a factor.

The ergonomic design is easier to lift and handle - reducing the risk of injury across a number of applications.


Composite LPG cylinders do not rust or deteriorate like steel cylinders - eliminating the costly expense of cylinder refurbishment or replacement.

The durable design is suitable for marine and outdoor applications and will not mark or stain decking and other surfaces.


Hexagon Ragasco's translucent cylinder design eliminates the need for inaccurate gauges and makes monitoring gas levels easier.

Unexpectedly running out of gas is a thing of the past with a Composite LPG cylinder.

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