With a growing demand for a product that not only protects documents against damage but also provides an extra layer of protection, magnetic writing boards have been in vogue ever since the technology first made its appearance in the market. The writing boards’ main function is to provide an additional layer of protection to documents when they are placed on top of magnetic plates, such as the ones used on credit card machines or computer keyboards. Although this product can be used for almost anything – not just protecting documents from damage – it can also be found in other forms, such as a magnetic pen holder that can be kept at work for easy access to business memos and notes.

MagnaTab – Magnetic Writing Board

As mentioned above, the primary function of a magnetic writing board is to provide a second layer of protection to documents placed on top of it. As the name suggests, these boards are made up of a magnetic layer, which is typically made of iron or steel. This layer is coated with an outer layer of non-magnetic metal, which can often include different colours of steel, plastic and even copper. These non-magnetic metal coatings are typically treated with various coatings such as anti-corrosion and magnetic properties to ensure they last longer than traditional paper and ink. When compared to paper or ink, the coating provides better resistance to scratches, making it less likely for a document to be scratched when placed on top of it.

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