Tantra School

Tantra school is an exclusive spiritual university devoted to the true ancient tantric sciences. This exclusive learning institution offers a wide range of educational programs for students all over the world. Tantra is the science of the sexual body and the pursuit of love and intimacy. People who seek knowledge about this sacred science seek after genuine Tantra school that has genuine, academic accreditation and a successful track record. Useful website – https://embodiedawakeningacademy.com

Offering A Wide Range Of Tantra Practices

The Tantra school curriculum consists of both theoretical and practical teachings and encompasses a broad range of subjects that are related to the study of Ancient Indian Tantra. In this highly acclaimed tantra school, initiations into the three schools of tantra are made through rigorous training sessions that are both theoretical and practical in nature. The three schools of tantra are: Jnana, Kriya, and Sarnath. The various subjects covered in the course are yoga, tantra meditation, anatomy, physiology, spiritual tantra and Kama. The main aim of these tantra schools is to prepare students for initiation into the three different tantra sects – Jnana, Kriya, and Sarnath.

The unique feature of this tantra school is that it organizes these three branches of tantra in such a way that initiates are able to use the three branches in tandem to perfect their tantra skills. It is therefore imperative for a student to opt for an appropriate tantra school that will enable him or her to master all the important aspects of tantra practices. The programs offered are exhaustive and extremely focused. The prerequisites for admission into one of these institutions are that an individual must be at least 18 years of age. Students also require a basic knowledge of English, no language other than English, some computer skills, and a quiet mind.