A basketball uniform is usually a specialized style of jersey worn by professional basketball players around the world. Most basketball jerseys are made from a synthetic material that allows for a high level of comfort for the basketball player while also allowing for air flow through the jersey. Typically, a typical basketball jersey consists of a short sleeved jersey with a short, zipped sleeve on the front. Usually the sleeves will have a number on them such as the color or numbers that are displayed on the front of the jersey. Other styles of jerseys consist of jerseys that feature stripes, sequins, or other embroidered designs.

basketball uniforms


The majority of jerseys for basketball players are manufactured from a polyester fiber mix. This type of material provides a lightweight and durable product that keeps players warm during the cold seasons. Many players find that these types of jerseys allow for much better performance because they are easier to move in and out of during games. However, the fabric used to manufacture the jerseys can cause rips and tears over time. In addition, the uniform fabric may not be able to withstand too much stress and thus may tear or stretch after several years of use.


Different Types of Basketball Uniforms

During the late 80s and early 90s, basketball uniforms began to gradually become less of a special occasion garment and more of a regular item that was purchased by most individuals. Although the idea of having a regular shirt with a certain logo was still very much in fashion, the jerseys began to use polyester fibers as the main material. Polyester fiber was extremely light weight and durable, but it did have one drawback; it was rather uncomfortable to wear. However, after players began to discover the comfort level that was available with polyester, it was the material of choice for all types of professional teams and eventually all types of sports apparel.

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