The New South Wales’ Department of Sustainability and Environment has advised campers in the Blue Mountains that glamping is not recommended during winter due to the potential for dangerous flooding. The department has also confirmed that it will not be granting any new permits for the construction of back-to-back dome tents in the region. The Sustainability NSW website states that the area is prone to “cyclical flooding”, with a high risk in winter from flash floods and heavy rainfall combined with the summer’s wet weather. The department has also confirmed that there are no designated campsites in the area and that most of the sites are in full compliance with their permits. The department will continue to monitor seasonal weather in the area and make adjustments where necessary.


One of the primary arguments that advocates of luxury camping accommodation have made is that it provides more space than a traditional camping and allows families to experience a true Australian lifestyle by sleeping in the out of doors. Most of these proponents of glamping have also expressed concerns over the summer season; however, they have also admitted that while this might be an issue, they are expecting warmer weather for the start of next year. If you are interested in enjoying a unique Australian holiday, then taking up accommodation with a private owner or operator that offers both camping facilities as well as glamping accommodations may be the best way for you to fully maximise your time and money. Many owners offer all-inclusive tours, meals, and even private showers as well as baths where you can relax after a day on the beach.


Camping at the Blue Mountains in Australia has been considered a thrill for generations of families, but many modern families are discovering that there is much to be enjoyed in the small towns of New South Wales. It has only been in recent years that small self-contained campsites with all of the modern amenities have become possible in the Blue Mountains, which are located approximately 25 kilometres from Sydney. Although there are still backpackers among the campers at Glamping Nsw that enjoy the old-school camper van to experience, more modernized tents are making it possible for more families to experience the peace and quiet that only true glamping NSW can provide. Although the Blue Mountains is not the most exciting part of Sydney, they do offer a beautiful setting for a peaceful retreat that offers the amenities of home with all of the modern comforts of a modern city.

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