Duffle bags, also known as kit bags or travel bags are large bags usually with a strap, with no top closure or drawstring, designed for easy carrying and packing. In most cases a travel bag is used for casual travel, sports and recreational by individuals who do not have the time to shop for luggage and choose a bag that will fit them best. Duffle bags are most commonly used in military service or for civilian use by those who are non- commissioned military personnel, by athletes and non-professionals alike. It is also the preferred tool for anyone who needs to carry other stuff along, such as books, magazines, camera and laptop etc. A bag that has a shuffle feature or duffle bag can accommodate the above items and much more. The name “duffle bag” is derived from the large shape that the bag occupies when it is not used.


Duffle bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the more popular shapes are a standard square, rectangles, round, and a variety of triangle, pear, and teardrop shapes. They come in many different materials and colors. In recent years many manufacturers have added extra features to their bags such as a zippered opening or pocket with an exterior pocket, as well as the option of carrying multiple items inside the bag.

Today many people enjoy carrying their duffle bags on road trips. They can be very useful for carrying your camping gear, and even a small camera. There are also duffle bags, which are designed for use by military personnel. These types of bags are perfect for carrying large amounts of ammunition and are very useful for transporting large quantities of equipment, which makes the bag ideal for those who have a large family. The military also use the shuffle as a backpack, making it an excellent choice for a military style uniform.

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