In a state of disarray, in which the public schools are being shut down, and in which there is no money to pay for these schools, the Victorian Government has found a solution: Child Care centres will be set up on public roads in areas like Investigator Drive and Drummoyne. These early education robina centres will serve as an extension of the preschool and primary schools, offering children the benefits of primary education as well as early education.

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“The new Robina Community Centre is setting on Investigator Drive, giving easy access to the school, Robina Town Centre, and the hospital. Fully staffed, is the aim established, well designed, fully air conditioned, six room Early Childhood Education Centre.” This is a quote from an article by the Assistant Secretary of the Department of Education, Mrs Mary-Ellen Robinson in the August 1994 issue of the Victorian Primary School Newsletter.

The Robina Community Centre in Drummoyne is set in the area of the Victorian Senior High School and Robina Primary School. The school that houses the Community Centre is Robina High School, which was a former school building that closed when the State Education Department took over the school.

The Community Centre at Robina is attached to the Robina School, with access to both locations. It is one of the three Early Childhood Education Centres that are being set up across Victoria, alongside Robina Primary School and Inspector Dr, which are located in Inspector Dr, Glenroy.

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