Medical Street is a web-based eCommerce business which offers access to quality, discounted medical supplies and essential medications from leading manufacturers, importers and distributors to under-served and low-income populations. This ecommerce platform is ideal for retailers that operate in multiple geographic regions and want to expand their business reach beyond their traditional customer base. As one of the fastest growing eCommerce sites in South Africa, Medical Street caters to the diverse needs of both established and start-up medical stores. It also offers a full range of professional and specialty pharmaceuticals at affordable prices which can be purchased online in a hassle free manner. Visit website

Medical Street – A web-based eCommerce business which offers access to quality

The primary objective of Medical Street is to provide a comprehensive online presence for its users. This ecommerce site features a variety of categories like cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic surgery, pain management, general dentistry, family dentistry, dental care, skin care, holistic care, pediatrics, home care and veterinary clinics among many others. Apart from these categories, the website also has separate category pages for different health topics like aging, general health, exercise, cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, weight management and pregnancy among many others. These health topics are specifically catered to meet the diverse requirements of a variety of customers who have products and services to offer in these fields.

The website also offers a dedicated support group which is comprised of professional consultants who provide assistance to customers who face any problems while purchasing, ordering or registering with the Medical Street portal. These individuals are available at the click of a mouse, to provide valuable advice and suggestions. These self-help groups are a part of the customer care team of Medical Street, which aims to develop customer loyalty and excellence through an effective, personable and friendly approach. Apart from providing convenient and affordable access to top-notch medical products and services, Medical Street also provides a platform where retailers can earn an income through registration and through selling promotional items to raise funds for various worthwhile causes and projects. Click here to visit Medical Street now!

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