The Havaianas flipflops is extremely popular among the ladies of today. They have a unique retro look with a soft, comfortable feel when worn. The modern design is extremely fashionable as well as comfortable to wear and come in a variety of colors and patterns. The innovative clog soles on these sandals allow you to walk in comfort while protecting your feet and ankles against the hard surface or pavement.

Have You Considered Havaianas Flip Flops Or Havaianas Sandals?

The traditional, vintage look that comes from the Havaianas flip flops was inspired by the classic sandals of Japan and inspired the company to launch its own line of casual footwear. The flip flop that comes in such a variety of colors and patterns yet are recognizable by the large textured rice print on the sole. This represents the Japanese wooden clogs made of rice straw and fabric straps which inspired the Havaianas name. They are comfortable and easy to walk in as they have solid soles which absorb shock and cushion every step you take. Their traditional design makes it easy to slip on and off as there are no sharp edges or thick straps that could potentially damage your foot or ankle. Also, if for some reason the sole starts to get damaged, you can easily replace them.

There are many styles and designs of havaianas flip flops. There are sandals with thin straps, flip flops with colorful soles, and the basic flip flop. All are made from lightweight, breathable material that makes wearing them a breeze. These shoes are also extremely slim and this is what makes them great for outdoor activities such as beach or hiking.

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