The ideal dress, the one you’ve daydreamed about considering that you were a little lady! And it’s whatever you visualized – layers and layers of elegant fabric in an advanced style that flatters your figure.

On your wedding, you’ll walk down the aisle looking definitely radiant. You’ve invested a lot of your heart, time and money in your wedding dress, and you desire it to last forever. Here is a complete guide to looking after your dress 

Read on to find out everything you require to understand about cleaning, saving, and looking after your wedding event dress.

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Cleaning Tips:

Cleaning up a wedding dress, similar to finding it, is no easy thing.

The sheer amount of layers, decorations, materials, and information included means you can’t simply toss your dress into the cleaning machine or send it to the dry cleaners. Instead, you require to have it professionally cleaned, preferably by a wedding dress preservationist.

Yes, this is a genuine– and completely essential– thing.

Wedding dress preservationists will do everything for you. They’ll package it correctly, and hand your dress back to you in one huge, quiet box. That being said, depending upon the product and design of your dress, you might have the ability to clean it yourself. You can follow these steps to clean it if your dress has no embellishments and isn’t made with fragile fabrics like lace, taffeta, or silk.

Spot-clean the little stains on your gown utilizing a damp cloth and stain remover. Let the eliminator sit for a few minutes, then dab the stain away with the cloth. A word of care.

Wash the dirty gown hem in the tub with warm water and moderate soap. To do this, you’ll need to lay the leading part of the gown on the flooring on a tidy towel so it avoids the water.

Dry Clean

The primary step in wedding dress preservation is to have your gown dry cleaned within 24-48 hours of your big day. Between sweat, makeup, reception foods and other potentially damaging compounds, numerous spots could be on your dress some not even visible. 

When these substances are left on your wedding dress, they can eat away at the material and cause irreversible staining. If you’re looking for wedding dress cleaning in Sydney, we’ve got you covered! Check out MyDressBox for more information!

Store Carefully

Keep your wedding event gown kept in a garment bag, away from any light. It can also lead to your wedding gown fading to an unsightly yellow because plastic releases fumes over time. If you do not want your wedding dress taking up almost all the space in your closet, you can box it, but make sure you’re laying it as flat as possible.

Lay it flat or hang correctly. Preferably, your bridal store will keep your dress for you, however if not, lay it as flat as possible. Hang it by the loops located inside never ever the shoulder straps to avoid sagging and extending at the seams if you need to hang your dress. 

Every dress is specific, so ask the experts at your store how it must be stored after the wedding event.

Keep It Away From Heat And Moisture

Exposure to heat can harm your wedding event gown. Positioning it in a damp environment makes the fabric susceptible to discolourations and mould.

Leave It To The Professionals

Perhaps the best thing you can do for your gown is to give it to an expert wedding dress cleaner. Correct conservation prevents yellows, creasing, mould, and other problems that you might otherwise face.

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