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As soon as you have chosen that you desire a DJ to provide the music for your wedding party, you have to choose the DJ. Choosing the right DJ for your wedding event can seem like an overwhelming task since you understand that the DJ sets the tone for the reception. 

Select an excellent DJ, and it is going to be hard for your reception to be anything less than amazing. Choose a so-so DJ, and even with the best food and location, you are still probably only going to have a so-so reception. There are so lots of options in DJs that you might be overwhelmed.

We want you to be experienced and positive when choosing your DJ, so here are our top tips for selecting your wedding event DJ and here’s our list for finest wedding DJ in Melbourne, see it here.

Don’t automatically go with someone you know. 

You might have a friend, acquaintance, or cousin who is a DJ, so you feel like you should pick them for your wedding event. 

Maybe you ought to and perhaps you ought to not; let their credentials, not your relationship, be the identifying factor. If you do select to opt for someone you understand, don’t keep things casual- ensure that you are in a contract that specifically defines your commitments and theirs!


You have actually probably been hearing how crucial interaction is during all those premarital classes. Well, working as a DJ is no different.

Playing music is only part of what a DJ does. The other half is talking. From making sure you’re on the same page concerning the do not playlist to making certain the professional photographer catches the cake cutting, wedding DJs require interaction and they require to do it well.

This is why it’s so important to hire a wedding DJ that can also MC. Other than your wedding coordinator, your DJ is the one person keeping whatever together!

Request Samples of DJ’s Work

Some wedding DJs might have the ability to supply you with audio samples of their mixing design which can be handy. If the DJ in concern has really mixed the samples themselves, be careful though as it mightn’t constantly be apparent. Who can you rely on? Well, ask to see some verified first-class reviews from real couples, just like you! They are the ones to trust. 

As a wedding band with multiple awards, PLAYLIST … your dream band! often receives rave evaluations about our remarkable interactive premium wedding event DJ service which you’ll be pleased to understand is highly economical compared to many standalone DJ suppliers.

DJ’s Equipment

A good worker doesn’t blame his tools In a nutshell, it does not actually matter what the DJ is utilizing to mix as long as it sounds terrific and the dance flooring is full. You may not know this but it is really possible to DJ using free apps on your smart device- however just because the app is totally free doesn’t imply the individual utilizing it is a great DJ. 

As crucial as the decks is the sound and light equipment utilized by your DJ. Top of the range Pioneer decks going through an inexpensive PA system is meaningless. Equally a dodgy laser or fit-inducing strobe light in the corner does not an amazing and memorable environment develop. 

Most credible expert wedding event DJs will have a collaborated configured lighting show to complement their amazing song choice. PLAYLIST … your dream band! use the same premium top of the various sound and light devices for our expert DJ service as we do for the band efficiency- excellence from start to finish.

Read Reviews

Take a look at wedding forums for your area. Who do individuals recommend? Dig much deeper than the star rating and in fact, check out reviews to discover why people advise a particular DJ.


Any DJ who focuses on weddings will end up working a lot of them, so they require to be organized. But when those strategies go awry, they likewise require to be versatile.

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