Christmas in Melbourne is a time of merriment and culinary joy, with a wide variety of restaurants offering delectable treats to help you celebrate in style. This list will help you find some of the best restaurants and cafes in Melbourne that are open and ready to serve you on Christmas Day, whether you’re a resident looking to get out of the house and try something new or a tourist keen to sample some of the city’s famously diverse cuisine.

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In this article, we’ll take you on a culinary tour through Melbourne’s several neighbourhoods, each with its own unique cuisine and eating options. Melbourne’s restaurants provide something for everyone during the holiday season, from opulent fine dining with carefully planned tasting menus to cosy neighbourhood bistros serving traditional Christmas feasts.

Leave the cooking to the professionals and let us guide you to the best restaurants in Melbourne for a festive holiday feast as you spend time with your loved ones. Melbourne’s restaurant scene has you covered this Christmas Day, whether you’re in the mood for a traditional turkey dinner, seafood by the water, or cutting-edge fusion fare. Let’s explore the city’s dynamic and food-loving culture by tasting the celebratory flavours that await you.

Where Should I Eat On Christmas Day In Melbourne?

Melbourne has a vast variety of restaurants to choose from, so finding a spot to eat on Christmas Day is something that can be both relaxing and enjoyable. In case you’re wondering where to eat for christmas dinner melbourne, here are some suggestions:


  • Vue de Monde: Located in the iconic Rialto Tower, Vue de Monde offers a luxurious and unforgettable dining experience. Enjoy breathtaking views of the city skyline while savouring a multi-course degustation menu featuring seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.


  • The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant: Step aboard a beautifully restored tramcar for a unique dining experience that takes you on a tour of Melbourne’s streets. Indulge in a traditional Christmas lunch or dinner while the tramcar glides through the city.


  • The Langham Melbourne: The Langham is known for its elegant dining options, and on Christmas Day, you can enjoy a sumptuous buffet at Melba Restaurant, featuring an array of international cuisines and mouthwatering desserts.


  • Federation Square: If you prefer a more casual setting, head to Federation Square, where you’ll find a variety of restaurants and cafes offering Christmas menus. The atmosphere is festive, and you can enjoy outdoor dining with a view of the iconic Flinders Street Station.


  • Cumulus Inc.: Located in the heart of the city, Cumulus Inc. offers a modern Australian menu with a European twist. They often have a special Christmas Day menu with a focus on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.


  • Crown Melbourne: Crown Melbourne is home to several world-class restaurants, and many of them are open on Christmas Day. You can choose from a wide range of cuisines, including Italian, Japanese, and fine dining options.


  • Stokehouse: Located on St. Kilda Beach, Stokehouse offers a stunning waterfront setting. They typically have a special Christmas lunch menu with a focus on fresh seafood and contemporary Australian cuisine.


  • The European: This classic Melbourne restaurant in the heart of the city offers a festive Christmas Day menu with European-inspired dishes. The warm and cozy atmosphere is perfect for a holiday celebration.


  • Rosa’s Canteen: For those looking for a more relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere, Rosa’s Canteen in the suburb of Richmond serves up delicious Italian cuisine, including wood-fired pizzas and homemade pasta.


  • Chinatown: If you’re in the mood for something different, Melbourne’s Chinatown in the CBD offers an array of Asian dining options. Many Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas Day and serve delectable dishes.


Christmas Day is a popular day to dine out in Melbourne, so be sure to secure your meal in advance. Melbourne’s varied restaurant scene provides something for everyone on Christmas Day, whether you’re looking for a formal fine-dining experience or a more casual supper with family and friends.

Is It Worth It To Celebrate Christmas in Melbourne?

Whether or not spending Christmas in Melbourne is “worth it” depends on your tastes and expectations for a joyous holiday season. Some things to think about are as follows:


  • Festive Atmosphere: Melbourne is known for its festive spirit during the holiday season. The city is beautifully decorated with lights, Christmas trees, and decorations, creating a magical atmosphere that many people find enchanting and worth experiencing.


  • Diverse Dining Options: Melbourne’s culinary scene is renowned worldwide, and this extends to its Christmas offerings. The city’s restaurants, cafes, and eateries provide a wide range of Christmas menus, catering to various tastes and budgets.


  • Events and Activities: Melbourne hosts a variety of Christmas events and activities throughout December, including Christmas markets, carol concerts, and special holiday-themed shows. These can add to the festive experience.


  • Multicultural Celebrations: Melbourne’s multicultural population means that you can experience Christmas celebrations from different cultures and traditions. You might find unique customs and foods from around the world.


  • Weather: Christmas falls in the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, so if you prefer warm and sunny weather for your holiday celebration, Melbourne can offer that. You can even head to the nearby beaches for a beachside Christmas.


  • Shopping: Melbourne is a shopper’s paradise, and the holiday season brings with it numerous sales and discounts. If you enjoy shopping for gifts or indulging in retail therapy, Melbourne won’t disappoint.


However, there are also some considerations to keep in mind:


  • Cost: Melbourne, like many major cities, can be relatively expensive during the holiday season. Dining out, accommodation and entertainment expenses can add up quickly.


  • Crowds: Christmas is a popular time for tourists and locals alike. Crowds can be significant, especially in popular areas and at popular events.


  • Availability: Some businesses may close or have reduced hours on Christmas Day and the surrounding days. It’s essential to plan and make reservations for dining or accommodations.


  • Personal Preferences: Your enjoyment of celebrating Christmas in Melbourne will depend on your personal preferences. If you prefer a quieter or more traditional Christmas, a bustling city like Melbourne may not be your ideal choice.


Melbourne’s multicultural Christmas celebration is something to check out if you’re looking for a lively and varied holiday experience, enjoy city lights and celebrations, and are curious about other cultures. However, before making any final decisions, you should do some planning, think about your budget, and see if the city’s vibe fits with your holiday preferences.

Those who are willing to make the most of everything Melbourne has to offer this Christmas will have an experience they will never forget.


If you’re looking for a lively and diverse Christmas celebration, a trip to Melbourne might be just what you’re looking for. The city comes to life with holiday lights, a plethora of restaurants, festivals of many cultures, and other events and activities. During the summer in the Southern Hemisphere, the temperature averages in the 70s, making it an ideal vacation spot.

The Christmas break is a great time to visit Melbourne, but there are certain things to keep in mind before you book your trip. It is highly advised that hotel and restaurant bookings be made in advance to guarantee a smooth and pleasurable stay.

Whether or not Christmas in Melbourne is “worth it” depends on the individual and their expectations for the holiday season. Melbourne could be the ideal place to create unforgettable holiday memories if you appreciate the energy of a big city, try new foods, and participate in a wide variety of celebrations.

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