Under the new regulation, Zoo Fitness must be at least 500 square feet inside and have one exercise bike, one aerobics/cardio machine, one elliptical trainer, and one large table for cardio workouts. They cannot have more than eight exercise bikes or elliptical trainers inside unless the equipment is located in a room designed to house more than eight machines. They cannot offer weights, machines, treadmills, or other equipment intended for working out without running water. in the exercise areas inside the gym. If the gym does have a space designed to house more than eight machines, they must provide two-person showers instead of three and remove other equipment from the workout areas.

Zoo Fitness – What Should You Look For in a Gym?

These new laws will force many gyms to find new ways of serving their members, such as building larger studios or using smaller gyms to keep up with the requirements, or else lose their licenses to operate. in San Francisco. Many gyms will have to turn away some people in order to serve those in need of more space, or equipment.

There are some that are still planning to remain open under the new regulations, but a number of them are likely to close. These gyms include fitness clubs in San Mateo, Burlingame, Santa Monica, and San Francisco’s Union Square and Excelsior. These include clubs like Westside Fitness, the Larkfield Gym, and the CrossFit San Francisco, which serve the entire city and offer a great fitness and sports program.

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